Trusted Stack / ELFbac

  • Client: Trust Lab at Dartmouth and the Institute for Security, Technology and Society (ISTS)

Critical infrastructure is at risk. Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Energy funds efforts to meaningfully change the status quo.

One such effort is Trusted Stack. Trusted Stack is a collaboration among government, academia, members of the InfoSec industry (Narf fits here) and manufacturers of life-critical, deploy-once embedded systems.

The effort aims to combine the ideas behind secure-able protocol theory, such as LANGSEC, cutting edge exploit mitigations such as those in grsecurity & PaX and finer-grained access control, such as those seen in ELFbac.

Narf is responsible for implementing the ideas behind ELFbac in Linux for the ARM architecture. The project is called ELFbac-ARM.

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