Our Story

Narf started as a refuge for benevolent hackers wanting to focus on quality results over cyber-BS. From 2012 we have responded to incidents, received multiple DARPA research projects, and written custom tools that both inform and improve the security posture of our clients.

We believe that horse masks channel creativity and office fedoras are the new dunce caps.

Meet the Narfians

Steve Bassi


Drawing on over fifteen years of Infosec experience, Steve steers the good ship Narf.

The only one burdened with a normal title at Narf he still, somehow, finds time to sit down and write production code.

Nick Davis

Chief of Defensive Technologies

Nick is the one crossing the 1's and dotting the 0's.

He corrals our portfolio of customer projects and keeps them in tune and on time.

He often spends his days in a naturally lit room, with a view of the trees, coding up a storm and crushing bugs.

Paul Makowski

Director of World Domination

Paul got serious about the whole security thing when he found flaws in his University's ID card system. He hasn't looked back.

Once, during an interview process for a sensitive internship, Paul was given a brief facilities tour.

His final interview question: "Now that you're somewhat familiar with our facilities, how would you go about breaking in?"

"Well, I suppose I'd apply for an internship."

Ben Schmidt

Lord Commander of Security Research

The Lord Commander marshalls Narf's vast security expertise, turning coffee into bugs, bugs into patches, and patches into exploits.

An ex-NSA hacker with a decade of security experience, he's found vulnerabilities in everything from widely used embedded devices, to popular desktop applications, to the world's most used webmail service.

When not finding new things to build and break, you can probably find him enjoying a beer and planning new ways to troll his coworkers.

Max Koo

Colonel Hacker

Max spends his days moving bits around and avoiding sunlight.

His interests include hacking on operating systems and compilers, embedded development, and vulnerability research.

He tends to avoid garbage collection, both in programming languages and in real life.



Do you want to work on meaningful, cutting edge research without having to move?

Do horse masks and silly titles intrigue you?

If you think you have what it takes to be a Narfian, get in touch.